Changing lives one life at a time.              

Our Students are exceptional.  They win most of the major English competitions at a regional level when participating.  We have had six compete at a national level from 2013-2015.  Our students often end up studying at international schools in China or boarding schools in the US and Canada.  We have seen four students placed at top schools in Shanghai since 2014.  We currently have another six students in middle and high school in areas of Vancouver B.C. , New England, and the Southeastern United States.  

Our Elective courses let the students experience subjects that are unavailable in school or other training centers.  We have electives in mathematics, science, computer science, and history.  We also have a Crossfit program during the summer for students to learn about health and fitness.  We are preparing our learners to be the best individuals they can be.

Our Curriculum is three fold.  Use correct grammar.  Spell correct words.  Read everything.  We have amazing teachers that understand the needs of the learner.  Students participate in a "level up" program.  This program helps the students understand what they are learning and monitors their progress.  It provides a game feel to learning.  We focus on the reading to writing aspect of language. 

​DT Elite is an extension of DT Club.  With the focus in Elite of reading to writing we have seen huge improvements with the learners.  Our primary school students are testing very well on standardized tests.  Our students spend hours every week reading books from the Elite library.  We motivate our students to accomplish the dreams they have.