Our Staff is dedicated to the process of learning.  We are focused on our task of creating the perfect learning environment.  Interaction with the students is done 90% of the time using the English language.  We adhere to an "English Only" policy while inside the compounds of DT Club.

Our Curriculum was designed specifically for learners of EFL.  So many people use methods of teaching that are too light on the listening aspect of learning.  We use a natural approach to learning.  Teacher talk is an essential part of the beginning learner's success. Repetition is key.  We have really done something special for our EFL learners.

Safe     Fun    Learning

Listening    Speaking  

Reading    Writing

Teamwork  & Togetherness

​DT Club is unique.  We create an atmosphere where students can practice their English in a safe, fun, and educational setting.  Our core values are SAFE, FUN, and LEARNING.  We love that we have learning last, but don't be fooled.  Our students are the best in the City.  We focus on listening and speaking.  We prepare them for DT Elite.

Changing lives one life at a time.